1. Squat 3×5 add 5-10lbs to last squat weight.

2. Bench press 3×5. Add 5lbs to last weeks weight.

3. Conditioning:

In fastest time possible:

a. Single arm KB swing left arm 10x

b. 220 yd run

c. Single arm KB swing right arm 10x

d. 220yd run

e. Single arm thruster left arm 10x

f. 220yd run

g. Single arm thruster right arm 10x

h. 220yd run

i. Stagger stance squat weight in left front rack 10x

j. 220yd run

k. Stagger stance squat weight in right front rack 10x

l. 220yd run

m. Rear lunge w/chop left side 10x

n. 220yd run

o. Rear lunge w/chop right side 10x

p. 220yd run

q. Split stance bottoms-up press left side 10x

r. 220yd run

s. Split stance bottoms-up press right side 10x

t. 220yd run

Post weight used and results to comments.