1. Squat 3×5 @ add 5-10 lbs to last squat workout

2. Press 3×5 @ add 5 lbs to last press workout

3. Conditioning

Reaction 5-10-15 shuttle.

For this drill you will need 2 sets of 3 different color cones. Substitute glow belts, canteens, or something else if needed. 3 different color cones set up at 5, 10 and 15 yd lines. Partner has 3 different color cones in his hand and stands at 15yd line. Runner lines up at start line, facing away from cones. Partner initiates by clap, voice or whistle and holds up color of cone he wants runner to go to. Runner sprints to cone and back to start. Partner holds up a second cone, runner moves to that color cone and back. Partner hold up third cone, runner sprints through the yard line of that cone. 

5-7x Rest to recovery between sets. 

Post weight used and thoughts to comments.